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   Come on in to my place, where we can discuss any number of issues or topics, which I will be doing, ranging from security to politics to women...or anything else which happens to catch my interest at the time I sit down at this computer.... and here is page 2 from April 11, 2016 February 9, 2016: Ramblings:Today is one of those beautiful Las Vegas Spring-like days...a cloudless sky, warm sun (feels great), slight breeze, a couple of Queen Elizabeth roses in bloom (I never know for sure when that will happen), and sitting by my pool, watching a flea zip around on the water's meniscus...must be doing 0-60 in under 2 seconds... in a straight line, now if we could only discover how that propulsion can be applied to our cars....
February 6, 2016: Politics and Women: Over the past few weeks I have come across what seems to me to be a strange (maybe not the correct word but it will do for now) phenomenon, or maybe it's because I live in Nevada, where people are really free to be what they wish, especially down here in Las Vegas, but a fairly good number of women have told me they keep Fox News (cable, Dish, whatever...) on all day...because it's the only network from which they can receive real and truthful news. Now I don't intend to denigrate those women, who are sure as hell smarter than what we have found re: our current crop of college students - not because they listen to Fox , but because they are interested enough to learn what's going on, particularly on the political side of the news. Of course, those women are what can probably be called upper middle-age, so it would be no stretch to state that if they are college graduates, they haven't been infected by what passes for higher education these days. Anyhow, it appears that Fox News has replaced the daily soap operas as the programming of choice, although watching Fox (and I must admit that the network has been one of my info mainstays) is kind'a like watching soap operas....
January 31, 2016: Politics: I believe my first exposure to politics was in either 1932 or 1933, when I was just a toddler...my father, who would have been described as a "yellow dog Democrat", probably talked enough about FDR to have his name imbedded in my young and formative brain. My father was active with the Democrats, serving as a judge of elections in many campaigns, and as the years went by, I became aware of international politics, particularly from the mid-30s on, when Dad listened to Hitler's speeches on our short wave radio... I don't know if he understood German, but he was always upset when he listened, and that was when, at the age of six or seven, I learned how bad Naziism was. In my later and maybe of more practical intelligence, I understood that my political belief was that of a classical liberal constitutionalst; since there was no such pary per se, I registered as a Republican, because I believed that party was a better expression of what I believed in...personal, economic, religious, and political liberty. Now that may make me sound like a Libertarian, but no - I woud say that makes me a true conservative...conserving the Constitution, conserving the Nevada Mustangs, conserving marshlands et. al., conserving the rights of the individual over the rights of government, which, after all, are only given by the people.... conserving economic liberty, which is a true course to the right to enjoy life (happiness). There's more to this, as you can imagine, but you have the idea as to what We the People should understand and believe, as did our country's founders (at least most of them) in 1789.

I have finally decided that, after watching so many Marco Rubio commercials, the Senator is runnimg for his school student association presidency. Maybe it's his baby face - he looks and sounds to me like one of those prococious 15 year olds with a high IQ, but who, in the real world, would be crushed by all the SOBs with whom he would have to deal. It's a good thing Senator Cruiz doesn't have one of those thick, short black mustaches under his nose, he just might look like Herr Shickelgrubber....and if Dr. Carson had the ability to perform brain transfer surgery, I believe he would be my man, 'cause there's no doubt the legislative branch of our government would be greatly improved. The problem for me is I don't know of any program or of any befit those candidates from government service have made to my simple life or what economic value any of them have made to any group of people. The leading candidates, other than Trump, i.e., Cruz and Rubio, have never had a management position in which their actions affected the lives of their employees as well as the rest of the population. The closest person to do that is Carlie Fiorina, but even she worked in a narrow field. We live in extremely different times - much more than we did a decade ago - our current President has shown that the older political choices are no longer viable - and who we choose to lead this country will either lead us down the path of enlightenment or destruction. Neither a hard core idealogue like Cruz nor a political theoretician like Rubio will satisfy the new demands of the Oval Office. One more point - I just heard a replay of the Chris Walace interview with Senator Cruz in which Cruz was asked about Trump's comments about his bank loan disclosure(s)...Cruz's response was whining and desparate, a condition I'm familiar with having heard similar sounds in my litigation expert days, a response Senator Cruz's career as a lawyer never should have allowed to have been emitted, and one which was far from presidential.

January 30, 2016: Women: Let's start this commentary with women...always a good but dangerous topic. The fortunateness of close to sixty years of marriage to two ideal women notwithstanding, other years of my life introduced me to a variety of women, which, in itself, was a good education in the aspects of female socialization.
 The unfortunate aspect of my close to sixty years of married life is that both wives are deceased, and in my current search for a new mate - since I admire the wit, intelligence, and natural common sense I have observed in so many women of my time - I have been a bit, to say the least, disappointed in what seems to be a fairly common thread running through so many "elderly" females these days...maybe it's the times, but so many seem to be delusional...although that appearance may be due to my expectations...

Politics: In the late '50s and early '60s ,I was elected a couple of times to be the Democrat party committeeman of my division in Philadelphia, a city which in those days was run by a fairly strong Republican organization, and a division with a majority of registered Republicans. I quickly learned that to be successful in bringing out the Democrat vote, I had to prove that the party was better for the people, and that took on the almost daily task of providing services for all the constituents of my division. That work paid off, and during the time I lived in the division, Democrats prevailed. Unfortunately, what we did in politics fifty years and more ago does not appear to exist in today's political market.

In the late '60s, I decided to leave the Democratic party and register as a Republican. These days, I'm beginning to wonder if any political party has at its heart the interest of the people. What really annoys me is the arguments over whether a given candidate is "conservative enough", when the discussion should be whether or not a particular candidate has the guts to be the flag carrying point man for this country - with the innate desire and ability to do what's right for the country and not to be interested in what the country can do for him (I'm not denigrating the women candidates here - I just do not believe they can prevail) to paraphrase JFK.

The words pouring out of the mouths of the career politicians all sound as though they were packaged by some 'this is what you have to say' company, and they are pronounced by those politicians as though they are shouting "Eureka". Nothing has been pronounced by any of those political hacks that should make you want to do anything except regurgitate your last meal if any of them were to be elected to the highest office in this land. Other than Trump, they all sound as though they have been stamped out of the same Maker machine. The one thing I can say about Donald Trump, regardless of what he says, whether he comes off crude, nasty or not, he reminds me of a boss I once had...could be nasty, not everyone liked him, including employees and customers, but he provided what people needed, was extremely successful, and that was what counted in the long run.

Security: Former UN Ambassador John Bolton may have said it best a few years ago: "Our biggest National Security Crisis is Barack Obama".. It's bad enough that ordinary citizens do not like to bother with practicing reasonable security in their own lives, but when our nation's leaders are just as bad...that's a gross problem. Listen, I know that past presidents have not always been as security conscious concerning foreign and national fairs as they should have been, but what we're seeing and have seen with this current administration - Obama, Kerry, Clinton - goes way beyond what has happened in the past. Either they all have been totally ignorant of good security practices relevant to their responsibilities, or they have purposely failed in fulfilling their duties. Either way, the people of our country have been totally let down.

Veterans' Fundraiser: If you missed Trump's debate night fundraiser for military veterans ( which raised over six million dollars and provided a web addtress to join in and continue the giving), you missed at least three very important moments which has apparently not received the notice it should: Trump put his money where his mouth is - he donated one million dollars - Trump also stated that in his early days as a developer he was very greedy - he had the "golden touch" - and making money was most important, but now, to paraphrase him he wants to turn that "golden touch" into a benefit for the Uited States of America.
A wounded vet from the Green Berets was given a half hour to speak, and what he had to say were words of which most American had no real understanding in that he explained in his talk abput the real problems that the wounded, such as he who lost a leg experienced, what tneir families had to go through, and still do, and the psycological effect that the lack of understanding by many in this country have regarding what those veterans are experiencing, and that saying "thank you" to those men and women who have served and have been disabled in defense of this country and its citizens means a lot to our vets....