08.20.07 - Personal Defense for Women, Part 3
Excerpted from Veronica Esteridge's program

The following recording is the audio of Part 1, Personal Defense for Women filmstrip. I purchased the series in 1980, to be used as part of an unarmed defense training class for security personnel and as an adjunct program to firearm training classes for (mostly) women. The information on the tape is effective for both men and women, and although 27 years old, is still a good, basic program. The entire program consist of six filmstrips and audio cassettes, as well as a filmstrip manual, and was/is sold through Educational Filmstrips in Huntsville Texas. Information is available online.

Press the arrow button to begin the 9 minute tape. The audio may sound a little rough, an efect of the tape player used, which had only the "ear out" conection for recording to this file.

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