A Security and Safety Program for Las Vegas Valley - Nye County Home Owners

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Hello. My name is Joe Chernicoff. Throughout my 35 years working in security - as a consultant, trainer, private detective, litigation expert, and writer - I have naturally been exposed to a panoply of incidents, concepts, and situations impacting upon the safety and protection of premises and people.

Of everything affecting security, the most important concept has been perception. To the criminal actor, perception is a "go-no go" gauge of opportunity. To the potential victim, perception is tool by which he or she gauges the value of his or her defense against criminal attack. This perception allows the premises owner, or the individual walking along a street, to estimate the level of risk faced.

Securing my home and business has always been a basic task. For the past several decades, I have always used "state of the art" alarm systems to provide the feeling of safety and security. But that has been a dynamic approach - one subject to change when necessary.

A couple of years ago, my once "safe" neighborhood was jolted by several home burglaries. Not unexpected events, since the population growth my city was undergoing was a progenitor of criminal activity. No longer was reliance on an alarm system alone sufficient to enhance the perception of security. More was needed, but this enhancement was not to be done with the appearance of a "siege condition".

The first addition was the addition of front and side security doors in front of the original house doors. These doors serve several purposes: 1) they are decorative, 2) they functione as a means to allow cross ventilation without exposure to risk, and 3) they provided reinforcement of perimeter security.

The second addition was one securing the remaining access to the premises - protection of the premises's windows. This enhancement was the one which provides the building with the total feeling of security, but which does not present the home as one containing valuables nor as one which expresses fear of attack.

It is not uncommon to find glass areas of homes and businesses protected by bars or metal shutters. Both items present the perception that danger lurks in the neighborhood, and for retail businesses, that perceptions can deter business.

Wants and Needs

In the security arena, we know that if people feel safe, they are able to conduct tasks to the fullest extent of their ability, without the worry of personal safety and security. That is why a happy and safe workplace produces better employees and results than one which does not provide that actuality/perception. The same holds true for the home environment, where the home providing the perception/actuality of a safe environment reduces stress and low job performance. An example of this is children from a dangerous environment expressing the desire to spend more time in the school environment, since they feel safer in the school than in their home neighborhood.

The need for safety and security is basic. Enhancing the safety and security of the home environment is a natural step in fulfilling the Maslow needs hierarchy.

How to meet the needs of a secure environment

Whether one lives in what is considered a "safe" neighborhood, or in which with a high crime rate, there is a perceived need to secure the premises against criminal attack. The greatest fear is that of an incursion into the premises, and/or the fear that there is not sufficient time to prevent the unlawful entry when it is attempted. Sufficient time means that ability to call local police for assistance, or take other means to remove oneself from the attack scene. This also holds true concerning preventing harm from natural disaster, or from a general area attack by terrorists.


Recommended reading - the June 2008 Consumer Reports magazine article on security hot spots for your home...

Every premises has at least five possible entry points: the four walls and the roof. In addition, if there is a basement, then that number increases to six. The three main break-in entries occur through the door, through windows, through the roof (businesses). Breaking and entering through the door depends upon the construction of the door jamb, frame, and the door lock, as well as the door itself. Assuming that a good deadbolt lock is installed, the doorway can still be breached if the jamb - the side and head lining of a doorway, window, or other opening, including studs as well as the frame and trim, are not secure. Most doors are breached through splitting the jamb away from the supporting studs. A door window, or decorative glass, becomes an even easier entry site, although a deadbolt with key lock may slow entry time.

Windows, single pane or double pane, can be breached through inadequate locking devices or by breaking the glass.

Securing these break and enter access points - The security enhancement? Security film.

Door jambs can be reinforced using 6" nails to provide extra supporting strength against forcing the doors. Glass areas can be protected against entry through breaking, as well as against wind damage (natural causes) and the effects of bomb explosions. The same protection is available for glass display cases and, of course, showroom windows. The pathway to protection is through the use of safety and security film. Safety and Security films provide a tough new dimension in window film technology for property and personal protection. The development of a new dimension in safety and security window films, modern technology combines multiple, micro thin layers of film to create a stronger, more impenetrable safety and security window film for unmatched levels of performance.

This new safety and security film is a tough, durable, tear- and penetration-resistant shield that bonds to the inside of your windows for protection. The film helps hold the glass together to dramatically reduce the chance of glass shards falling or flying out - even under direct forces from winds or impacts from flying objects or heavy devices used for breaking and entering.

When bonded to windows, doors, skylights and atriums, (tempered glass is recommended), the film helps hold broken or shattered glass shards firmly in place to help protect employees, shoppers, tenants, customers and visitors from injury. This safety and security film complies with 16CFR 1201 Cat. I or II Clark Country building codes. Met requirements of ANSI Z 97.1 Standard with modification for higher impact levels.

Everyone should be familiar with safety film. Every automobile windshield contains a 2.5mm insert of safety film. Now picture a safety and security film with double the thickness (5mm) of the film used in automotive windshields ( for extreme use, 6mm and 12mm thickness are available). Safety and Security film is also available in tints; both clear and tinted film provide over 99% protection against ultra violet light.

The windows crazes, but stays together

Safety and security films carry long-term warranties against heat shock breakage and failure.

Also ask us about protection against graffiti on mirrors and other glass areas.
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**>Important Notice! April, 2010: Las Vegas has been listed as as the city with the highest rate of burglaries and robberies, aside from the other major crimes including homicides. With the freeways surrounding the Valley, criminals have more ability to access previously difficult areas. Criminal opportunities have therefore increased. Do Not Become a Victim in your home or business, especially when you can deny and deter crime against you in your home and business. So request our No Cost security fact sheet, and begin hardening your security today. A copy of of the 3M Safety and Security Film will be included upon request.


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