Curriculum Vitae

Joseph L. Chernicoff, CST
Las Vegas NV 89149-4950

Joseph L. Chernicoff, now retired(?) provided security support services to both providers and users of security services. Mr. Chernicoff was President of USAFIC International Ltd., a security management consulting and training organization; was a licensed private detective in Pennsylvania, and  provides security training and the production of forensic videography (demonstrative and preemptive video graphics using live footage and animation) for both demonstrative evidence use and training purposes. In addition, he has provided support services to both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation, and to defense attorneys in criminal cases. Mr. Chernicoff also provides research and other support services through the Chernicoff Group web site at

Chernicoff was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts upon graduation from Central High School in Philadelphia, PA, earned the Bachelor of Science degree from Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA, and was a graduate student at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.; other post graduate work follows: Temple University - Criminalistics; and Montgomery County College: Criminal Law (PA), as required by the Pennsylvania State Police for re-certification as a Certified Instructor in 1987. He has also received a diploma from the Investigation and Security Training School, a program on security theory and practice for persons teaching the course (1979-1980); a certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Law Enforcement, in Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Intervention (1977); OATM course on training management for the economically disadvantaged; National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) conference (1984); The Reid School of Interviewing and Interrogation (1987); The International Association of Hospital Security (IAHS); The Traffic Institute (Northwestern University) - Police Use of Deadly Force, a monitored and proctored off-campus course of study completed in 1987; AELE course on Police Civil Liability (1987); the Camden Corporation Watch 2nd Annual Symposium on Industry and Law Enforcement (May 1987) Community College of Baltimore continuing education course on Security Education and litigation and Interrogation (January, 1987); The Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association training course on electronic Access Control (1993); the Summer School of Evidence Photography presented by the Evidence Photographer's International Council (EPIC), August, 1995, November 1996, and ASIS chapter security seminars and workshops conducted in Philadelphia, PA, Lancaster, PA, Wilmington, DE, and NYC, NY. Additionally, Mr. Chernicoff completed a 70 hour program at the Super Ju Jitsu and Wrestling Academy, including training in Ju Jitsu, the baton, and practical training as an assistant teacher in preparation for his certification by the Pennsylvania State Police as an Unarmed Defense instructor (1977-1988).

Mr. Chernicoff has served as an adjunct instructor in security subjects at Community College of Philadelphia and the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training in Philadelphia, PA. He has also developed continuing education courses through the Community College of Baltimore, Baltimore, Md., and served as an instructor of law enforcement and security for the American Center of Scientific and Technical Studies in Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Chernicoff was the director of the Professional Security Training School's Lethal Weapons Training (PL705, Act 235) program, responsible for training security personnel working in Pennsylvania, from 1977 to 1986. He was certified by the Pennsylvania State Police as an instructor under the Act in 1977 and 1980 and re-certified in 1987, and was certified as an instructor under the Metropolitan Police Training and Education Act (Act 120) of Pennsylvania in 1977. He also received certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to teach interviewing and interrogation techniques, and investigation courses. Mr. Chernicoff developed training programs for security personnel, trainers, and managers, and has conducted training programs for private organizations and law enforcement agencies, and has provide services to the New Jersey Department of Testing in writing test questions for security personnel.

Mr. Chernicoff was a member of the Steering Committee of the Pennsylvania Private Security Task Force (1976-77), and was a member of the Task Force on Management of Protective Services Steering Committee, an international task force/study group directed toward security management of proprietary and contract security organizations, education and training, and providing a better public relations image for the industry. Mr. Chernicoff has had membership in numerous professional associations, including the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), having first joined in 1977, The National Association of Private Security Industries, Inc., The Corporate Security Directors Association, International Academy of Criminology, National Law Enforcement Academy - Honorary Fellow, (July 18, 1977); Montgomery County (PA) Private Detectives Association, for which he served as a Director and has been Secretary since 1990, National Association of Investigative Specialists, National Rifle Association - with which he served thirty years as a Training Counselor and forty-three years as a firearms instructor and currently holds Emeritus status in both training disciplines; The Academy of Criminal Justice Science, the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors, becoming a Charter Member in 1981, the Citizens Crime Commission of Delaware Valley, was an invited member of the National Criminal Justice Association, is a Life Member of the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET) since 1980 - for which he served five years as both a member of the board of directors and vice-president for training and as a member of the executive committee, and the National Association of Consultants (TAC). Mr. Chernicoff served as a member of the Security Law Institute Committee on the Standards of Adequacy of Security and Foreseeability of Crime, is a member of the Evidence Photographers International Council; The New York Academy of Sciences. He has also received a Crime Prevention Award (1984) from the National Crime Prevention Council (1984), and in 1984 was appointed to the order of The Royal Knights of Justice, an international criminal justice organization.

Mr. Chernicoff is a Certified Security Trainer (CST), the highest recognition given in security training, which is awarded by the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers, an organization composed of college and university criminal justice, police science, and security administration departments, as well as selected private training organizations. Mr. Chernicoff has written numerous articles on security practices, management, and training - including firearm training. He has credits on two Motorola Teleprograms law enforcement training movies, and in the text "Street Survival". He was the Security Training Administrator for the Opportunity Industrialization Centers in Philadelphia, PA, for which he produced and taught a 120 hour security training program. Mr. Chernicoff developed and directed a crime prevention industrial survey and advisory program under a contract with the Philadelphia Commerce Department/HUD for the time period of July 1982 through September 1983, for which a report was published. That contract was directed toward the prevention of business disinvestment in the Hunting Park West section of Philadelphia through the improvement of security practices. He has also designed and directed the Survey on Violence Against Security for USAFIC International Ltd. Chernicoff developed a security management training program for the Panama Canal Commission, which he implemented in August, 1994, as well as a Security Awareness training program for the Las Vegas Valley Water District in March, 1999.

Mr. Chernicoff created the National Symposium on Parking Security, which was directed towards the problems of third party crimes against business invitees. He provided security consulting services for parking facilities, and worked with Safe Store Systems of San Pedro, California, in the development of new security applications in the food services industry. Chernicoff developed several important seminar programs, in addition to those for parking facilities. Some of those are: Security and Quality Assurance, Retail Security Management, The National Symposium on Security Management; Hiring and Pre-Employment Interviewing; Intelligence Collection and Turning Informants; and Healthcare Security. Mr. Chernicoff has been a speaker at various security conferences, including the 1988 Academy of Criminal Justice Science- and conducted a panel at the 1998 conference;  Surveillance Expo'89, '90, '91 and '93 conferences, the Retail Security Association of New York; the 1991 Pennsylvania Association of Municipal Parking Authorities, and the April, 1995, ASET symposium on computer technology and security training. He has also appeared on Philadelphia, PA NBC and CBS television affiliates in matters pertaining to security and law enforcement, provided advsory assistance for a ABC 20/20 program on fraudulent claims against casinos, and was interviewed concerning convention and business center security for the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

Mr. Chernicoff was appointed an Associate Editor of the Journal of Security Administration in October, 1984, a refereed academic security publication for which he reviews and recommends to publish or not to publish papers, books, and videotapes submitted for publication; was a member of the Advisory panel of the Parking Security Report, and serves as a member of the advisory panel for the Hospital Safety and Security Management newsletter published by Rusting Publications. Mr. Chernicoff published The Chernicoff Letter\2.0 and THE FASTLETTER - and has written articles on security for many of the industry trade publications, including, among others, SECURITY, SECURITY MANAGEMENT, FOOD INDUSTRY NEWS, PARKING MAGAZINE, PROFESSIONAL PARKING, INTERNATIONAL SECURITY REVIEW, JOURNAL OF HEALTHCARE PROTECTION, FIREARM EDUCATOR, and SELECCIONES SECURITY MANAGEMENT, PROTECTION OFFICER, and The EPIC (Evidentiary Photographers International Council) Journal. Chernicoff was a contributing writer to ACCESS CONTROL magazine and a contributing technical editor for Security Technology & Design magazine, writing on guard services, access control, security design and implementation. Currently, he is a contributing writer to Chernicoff also publishes online security podcasts and opinions available through his website.

Mr. Chernicoff has been interviewed - and featured - in various publications, including The Wall Street Journal, the Retail Security Management Newsletter, Institution and Restaurant magazine, Security magazine, and Security Management magazine. Mr. Chernicoff wrote Chapter 18 for the Institute of Real Estate Management’s book "Spotlight on Security for Real Estate Managers, 2nd Edition", published in June, 2005. In addition, he has provided his expertise as help for authors of several detective novels: Bill Pronzini's Mourners< and also Spook; and Cyanide Wells, writyten by Marcia Muller. In addition,. Mr. Chernicoff contributed articles to LnkedIn pages.

Joseph L. Chernicoff, CST
June, 2021 [This document is for inclusion in biographic information]

Published Articles

How to Sell Security to Management Security magazine, April 1989
Serving Up a Shot of Reliability Security Management, January 1990; also ASIS Reprint Series: Liability - Articles on identifying liability pitfalls and steering your organization clear of litigation
Discover Stressors Then Use Them Protection Officer, January 1988
Guards, Electronics, Planning Win Security Game Access Control, October 1990
Basic Security: Process for Parking Facilities The Parking Professional, December 1984
[Published by the IMPC]
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Retrofit Plans Usually Affect Guard Force Access Control, April 1991
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Firearm Training International Security Review, November, 1985
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II, 1985
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Proteja a Los Clientes de su Estacionmiento Selecciones de Securidad, 1986
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Beginnings for Stress Management Protection Officer, January 1987
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Preempting Security Problems Through Preliminary Data Collection and Use - Security Technology & Design, June/July 1995
Still Photography and Videography - for today's demonstrative evidence -EPIC Journal, Volume XXI, No. 1, May/June 1997
Chapter 18 for the text, Spotlight on Security for Real Estate Managers, IREM, June 2005


Parking Security: How Much is Enough - a thirty-five minute video based upon the presentation to the Pennsylvania Association of Municipal Parking Authorities presented in October, 1991

Security Awareness - A 7-minute review of the basics for both the new hire and current employee

Contributions to Articles, Interviews

Wall Street Journal, Thursday, November 8, 1984: article Fast Food Chains Act To Hold Down Crime and Prevent Lawsuits
Restaurants & Institutions, The Business End of the Gun is Your Business
Security World, February, 1984: Firearms Training: State laws vary and do not always mandate adequate firearm training. Experts from California, Pennsylvania and Arizona, states with different laws, describe the options and give their recommendations
Retail Security Management Letter, March, 1985: Joe Chernicoff on Parking Lot Security

Trial Testimony Provided in the Following Courts:

Sup. Ct., NJ, Hudson Cty.
Sup. Ct. NJ, Essex Cty.
Sup. Ct. NJ, Burlington Cty.
Sup. Ct. NJ, Union Cty.
Phila. Ct. of Common Pleas
Sup. Ct. NJ, Atlantic Cty.
Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Sup. Ct. NJ, Monmouth Cty.
Ct. of Common Pleas, Chester City (PA)
Sup. Ct. NJ, Middlesex Cty.
Sup. Ct., NJ, Cape May Cty.
U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York
Ct. of Common Pleas, Delaware Cty. (PA)
U.S. District Court of NJ (Camden)
Supreme Ct. St. of NY, Cty of Monroe
Cir. Cty. for Prince George Cty. MD
U.S. District Court, Middle Dist of PA
Sup. Ct. NJ, Ocean Cty.
Sup. Ct. NJ, Burlington Co.

United States District Court for the District of New Mexico

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