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Security consulting, security training,and expert security services for attorneys and curriculum vitae is the information found on these pages.

If premises liability, negligent security, security training, use of force by security issues, false imprisonment by security personnel, parking security, retail theft are interest areas, or motel/hotel security, multi-dwelling building security, apartment premises security, school security; dram shop, bar, tavern, and restaurant security; negligent hiring, inadequacy of prevention, loss prevention, background investigation, investigations by in-house security, false arrest by security, protection personnel, security guards, employee and visitor protection, police civil liability, loss management, perimeter control, lighting, adequate lighting, fencing,entry control, access control, sop, standard operating procedure manuals, training manuals, guard evaluations or any of the ongoing loss prevention or general security problems which can lead to litigation are of interest to you, enter this site.

This site was formerly; the domain name was purchased by a insurance firm in January 18, 2008

Still of value: July 12, 2007 - video information on safe building evacuation on next page, and a video on concealed weapons posted July 15, 2007
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